This blog is meant to stimulate discussion in the Peace River Votes 2013 Facebook group.  The posts will by their nature be one sided.  As a voter I have a position on the issues.  And I will describe that position as objectively as possible, with thorough documentation of references and sources used to arrive at my conclusions.

That does not make my position the right position.  There is no right position in a democracy, only a collection of ideas that when respected and openly discussed, make for a more civil and advanced society.  If you find yourself in complete disagreement with me, by all means, challenge my position.  But do it respectfully.  If the length of your position or response exceeds that of a typical comment, I’m happy to consider guest posts.

However, I will not publish anonymous comments.  All comments are sent to me for moderation and if there is no name, it will be deleted.  And even if your name is attached to a comment, if it is derogatory, defamatory, slanderous, or otherwise offensive, it will be removed.  I will not edit for stance, only for decorum.

An astute observer noted that I failed to identify myself on here. An oversight on my part. My name is Tony Nickonchuk and I’ve lived in Peace River for 5 years. You can contact me below or by email at prvotes2013@gmail.com


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  3. Brent Taylor says:

    Seems to me that there is a fundamental problem when elected officials and CAO incumbents become involved only to influence their own holdings or development interests. This conflict of interest not only tilts the field in their favour for rezoning and furthering their own pursuits, but it puts them in a position of influence to antagonize other would be development. This self interest is not serving our town or region. I believe we will surely all wake up a few years later to find this same crew with a sweetheart deal to own a nice hillside residential development once the town becomes weary of carrying the self imposed burden of an under-utilized ski hill venue. Not so different from reasoning the downtown to their own purpose not so many years ago with an unprecedented tax holiday to boot.

    My name is Brent Taylor and I came to this town eight years ago excited to bring new housing to this beautiful community with options on a few large properties I had obtained on contract. I was immediately challenged for suggesting competition with the proposed developments of the day (guess who’s). It has since been my unfortunate experience for years to endure unfair antagonism on development on property that this mayor has designs on for himself after refusing his pathetic and threatening purchase offer for the property. I am afraid that this property will remain zoned as direct control and will be an un-utilized liability as long as this political monopoly presides.

    I look forward after Election Day to a fair council with an array of comunity minded individuals that will not include a “solid block of four” vote pattern shaping up that will echo Mr. Mann’s self serving vote. Then it will be time to present exciting new possibilities for the region to be scrutinized against the needs of the town, not the needs of incumbents searing their own developer interests.

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