Where are the PeaceFest posts?

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  And I hope I’ve made the right decision.

It was suggested early on that I was moderating the forum based on my own biases.  That was untrue.  There has not yet been one person (aside from the spammer who started offering everyone loans at great interest rates) I have not accepted into the group.  I have also not edited or deleted a single post or comment.

However, I have removed the PeaceFest posts.

Below are NOT the reasons I removed the posts.

1.  They were focusing on a person and not an issue.

Although it is preferable to discuss issues, the fact of the matter is we are electing people, not issues.  I am not saying this is the case here, because I have no idea of all of the intricacies involved with the PeaceFest issue.  But sometimes discussing who will be holding a political office is legitimate discussion.

2.  There is no basis to the claims made in the posts.

I don’t know.  I wasn’t on the PeaceFest board.  I have heard various bits and pieces from various members of the board, but I don’t have the whole story.  Maybe there is something to it, maybe there isn’t.  Regardless, it is not reason enough to remove it.

Here is the reason I DID remove them.

PeaceFest is a wonderful cultural event unique to Peace River.  It rose from adversity and is an annual testament to what we can do in this town if we are all willing to respect one another’s differences and allow each to contribute according to their strengths, bringing ideas forward from their unique viewpoint.  It is undeniably positive for the town.

I don’t want the reputation of PeaceFest to suffer because of the conflict on the board.

There are avenues through which conflicts like this can be settled.

This group isn’t one of them.

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